Amanj Hamid

In a world where everything is changing so fast, technology and businesses demand more of our time and energy. Balance, compassion, autonomy & leadership are the musts for a happy and successful life.

Curious about how I can guide you to achieve these?

My Mission

My core values are learning, compassion and autonomy.

I guide individuals and organizations to create new possibilities that have impact and allow leadership at every level. I enable others to develop products, services, communities, and movements.

My Journey

It all started when I got my first PC back in 2001.
I was amazed by the magic of technology. I knew I wanted to discover more of this world straight away.
From 2009 to 2013, I did a Bachelor’s in Information Communication Technology at HAN – University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

I started my first company in 2010 while I was stll a student. From 2010 until 2018 I guided 150+ Europe-based businesses with their e-commerce platform developments and growth, focusing on Magneto & Adobe Commerce Product Development.

In 2019, I started consulting companies to create more value through their e-commerce platforms.

I’ve alsoworked in a number of interim positions within organizations as an E-commerce Consultant, Agile Business Analyst, Product Owner and Business Developer.

I’m currently working as an Agile Product Manager and Freelance Product Owner.

Why choose me

As a curious person, I love to understand people, situations, and complex environments before moving forward. My goal is to enable others to see and discover new possibilities.

Besides my 12+ years of experience in the digital world & 4 years in Product Management, I love to guide, coach and empower teams and individuals to thrive.

Others see me as a stable, compassionate, energetic and enthusiastic leader.

I can guide you and join your organization as a Product Owner, E-commerce Consultant or Business Consultant.

What others say

Angela Ugrinovska

Angela Ugrinovska

Software Engineer

Amanj has excellent skills when it comes to converting the business requirements into understandable technical requirements for the development team. He is a team player, helping and supporting the team achieving the sprint goal.

Martijn Smit

Martijn Smit

Lead Product Manager

Amanj is a great professional to work with. Especially in complex and heavy projects, he remains calm, friendly and is always focused on solutions.

I worked together with Amanj where he had the role as e-commerce Business Analyst / (proxy) Product Owner, and next to performing that role in a perfect way, he was really a team player and did a lot of coaching and mentoring to the team that went far beyond his actual role in the project.

If you are looking for a product owner who brings something extra, Amanj is definitely the go-to person!

Antonino Bonumore

Antonino Bonumore

Software Architect


I met Amanj because we were both involved in developing a digital product, where he had a crucial role in defining the identity and experience of this product.

Amanj's ability consists in keeping the team entertained and focused on the importance of the delivery: not everyone can improve the energy and mood of the engineers like him.

Amanj can connect immediately with the people involved in a project to lead everyone to imagine and implement valuable digital products.

I strongly advise you to have him in your team if:
- you need to build solid company culture values
- create a view of your product/service that your technical team can easily interpret and deliver

I hope I can work again with him; his presence in the team guarantees positivity.

I also hope that my feedback can help Amanj connect with people and organizations that can understand the values of professionalism and work ethic.

Are you curious how I can add value to your product/business?

My Certifications