Discover new possibilities, deliver value & empower your product team.

Maximise your product value – establish a vision, a strategy and the right mindset.

Working with:


I combine my soft and hard skills to empower teams

Product Ownership

I connect with your stakeholders easily, create an impactful vision, and energize your developers to create value.

Leadership & Coaching

I bring my leadership & coaching skills to create new possibilities that require vision, knowledge and great people.

Ecommerce Consultancy

I have 10+ years of experience building strong e-commerce ecosystems. I combine my expertise of UX design, online marketing, branding, and web development to establish e-commerce channels.

About Me


My core values are learning, compassion and autonomy.

I guide individuals and organizations to create new possibilities that have impact and allow leadership at every level.

I enable others to develop products, services, communities, and movements.

By creating a vision, defining values and setting up a system of validation.


Client I’m working with: